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Coaching Terms & Conditions


1.  This Agreement is between you and RITA JOANNE of RJ’s HOLISTIC SERVICES  and relates to your participation in 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring with RITA JOANNE


2.  I acknowledge that coaching results are not guaranteed. No representations or warranties are made with respect to the results to be obtained from participating in 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring with RITA JOANNE, the content and materials. In short, the results are not guaranteed as income, wellbeing and lifestyle - results are based on many factors. We do not guarantee or imply that you will be completely healed or cured of any medical condition, or achieve your income goals in a specified timeframe. I enter in the mindset training & coaching with the full understanding that I am responsible for creating my own results.


3.  I fully understand and acknowledge that during the set course outline and coaching, that at times, some of the content and processes may be triggering and/or confronting. In these moments I will remember this is an integral part of the learning and healing process, and that the practitioner has my best intention. I take full responsibility for how I am feeling and ask for immediate support appropriately, in a kind and respectful way.


4.  As a participant of Coaching & Mentoring with RITA JOANNE I understand that all information and techniques, skills and concepts that are shared are the property of RITA JOANNE. They are not to be replicated, modified, licensed, published, transmitted, distributed, uploaded, broadcast, sold or otherwise transferred without our written consent.


5.  For record keeping & auditing purposes ALL 1-1 private session are recorded, archived and protected.


6.  The program and the materials, usernames and passwords provided to you are confidential and must not be given to, or shared with, anyone else outside of your coaching sessions.


7.  At least 24 hours notice is required when cancelling an individual appointment. After this period there are no refunds for cancelations or change of mind for any other reason.

8.  All Courses, Workshops & Individual Appointments have a “No Refund” Policy, unless under extreme circumstances, then it will be at the Practitioner’s discretion. In this case you will be in credit, you may reschedule or use the funds towards any other Course, Workshop, Individual Appointment or Gift Voucher. However, if you cancel a second time, you will no longer be in credit, nor will your funds be transferrable.


9.  I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of my payment arrangement (if applicable).

10.  We reserve the right to vary this agreement and the program itself, or make any other changes, cancel or reschedule part of the program or revise the content of the program as reasonably required.


11.  I commit to show up, do all the work both online and offline and I to implement what I learn and commit to completion.

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