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If you have ever wanted to learn, connect and energetically work with Archangels, Then this beautifully written workshop is perfect for you. Whether you are starting your spiritual journey or furthering your knowledge & passion for yourself, family, friends & clients.


What do you get??


*Get to know our beautiful and powerful Archangels

*how to invoke them.

*Essential oils and their frequency / vibration.

*5 different ways essential oils can assist with our health and wellbeing.

*Understanding when you are vibrating low or high and how to Vibrate higher to assist you to bring about the life you desire.

*Grounding, understanding and how to.

*learn about the 4 main Clairs ( Clairaudient, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentient )

*Foods recommended to avoid that may weaken your psychic ability / intuition (Clairs)

*Foods that strengthen each Clair.

*Flowers / plants and their energetic properties for  Archangels and the Chakras they are associated with. 

*The powerful use of Herbs and spices. (no this is NOT witchery)

*Incense / Smudge sticks.

*Financial Abundance tips, blends with oils and crystals.

*Loads of Essential Oil blend recipes to energetically connect with each Archangel.

*Bath recipes and Diffuser recipes.

Chakra & Spiritual Health Workshop

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  • This workshop is a digital PDF document format. You will receive an email with link to download  after purchase

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