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What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is an ancient art & science placement that has been around for over a thousand years to bring balance between people and their environment, basically helping you to create that balance and once you do, it can increase harmony, peace, serenity, prosperity, happiness, love, luck, improved sleep and Abundance / Wealth of all sorts into your life and more...


By shifting the energy in your home will in turn shift the circumstances of your personal and career life.


What you get

In this beginners, simple to understand & follow workshop with powerful Feng Shui tips / cures to apply and activate your home for many blessings. 


*I Ching coins

*Red envelopes


*Wall Art


*Salt cure 

*Flowers, plants & Bamboo stalks

*An Abundance ritual for you

*The power of Colours

*Feng Shui cures

*Colour photo of Feng Shui Map (Bagua)

*The magical colour Purple

*Money frog / toad

*Lucky or Beckoning Cat

*5 Elements

*Tips to bring in the New Year Dec 31st / Jan 1st & the Chinese New Year

*Do's & Don'ts for New Years Eve and New Years Day.


If you would like to continue and learn more on the 5 Elements and more, and how they work and best to apply them, then feel free to have a look at my "Vision Board with a Difference" workshop

Feng Shui Workshop

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  • This workshop is a digital PDF document format. You will receive an email with link to download  after purchase

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