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Have you ever wanted to know and learn about the Ancient Therapeutic Art of Ear Candling?
For easy to understand and follow on how to?

Then here it is!

*Learn the history of Ear Candling
* Did you know that ear Candling also works on a spiritual level by clearing energy blocks from your upper Chakras?

What you get
*What is ear Candling- brief history
*What is it used for ?
*How Ear Candling works.
*Benefits of Ear Candling
*Contraindications - Vital info
*Ingredients in ear candles
*Aftercare advice
*Step by step technique on how to and what you’ll need .
*a general understanding of results
Tip - eBay sell Ear Candles which are beautiful and infused with essential oils.
*Great for family and friends or a great addition to your Business

Ear Candling Workshop

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  • This workshop is in a digital PDF document format. You will receive an email to download the file after purchase

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