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See what Rita's clients and students are saying


Wow. Wow. Wow. I have learned Reiki from level 1 through to my Mastership including her Advanced Reiki workshop and Chakra / Crystal Therapy Courses. I have loved learning from Rita. Her knowledge, her professional skills, her all over welcoming self has absolutely expanded my world with helping others. Reiki is now part of my daily life not only for myself but for others and my pets. I can’t thank Rita enough for offering her amazing courses


I have just had the opportunity to complete my Reiki 2 , Advanced Reiki workshop and her Chakra / Crystal Therapy Courses with Rita. It was so so good!! Rita's knowledge, compassion and experience made the class so informative and easy to follow and understand. Rita also provided excellent reference guides to follow and go back to for further understanding of the Reiki symbols and Principles. I could not recommend Rita more highly


I did my level 3, Reiki Mastership with Rita and found her teaching technique to be a beautiful experience... She has a very calming relaxed energy which made it easy to pickup the information she teaches. I wish her many blessings in her future endeavours


I cannot recommend Rita highly enough; I have now completed 3 courses with her and they have been amazing. Most recently the Reiki level 2, and I am in awe at how much I have taken away from each session spiritually, as well as Rita's beautiful healing sessions. She is a powerful healer &  a beautiful soul. So glad to have connected with her


Amazing day yesterday with Rita doing my Reiki 1 refresher followed by Reiki 2 and I just have completed by Reiki level 3 Reiki Master Teacher. Rita you are one incredible lady & I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher. I am so excited for the next part of my journey & I know you will be there for guidance at any time I need it. I will definitely be coming back doing more as I feel my journey is ready to continue. I highly recommend Rita Joanne’s Holistic Services as her dedication, knowledge, guidance & Love for what she is doing comes across in her Teaching. Thankyou, You are such a beautiful soul


I recently did Rita's Anchoring Technique, I really have enjoyed having this pearl of wisdom in the palm of my hand. I had a tricky situation last week; I followed the steps Rita gave me and I was calm and peaceful and able to deal with the situation lovingly with a positive outcome. I would like to say a huge thank you to Rita, I have completed my Reiki 1, 2, Advanced Reiki training through to my Master Teacher level 3. I did also complete her Chakra Balance / Crystal Therapy courses. Rita really has helped cement how beneficial Reiki is and how very lucky we are to have Rita&'s knowledge on hand. I'd thoroughly recommend these courses and any others Rita has on offer I've done them all, Rita is a great teacher, mentor, and Master. Much love and gratitude


I came to Rita to have a session to have my Chakra's balanced and Rita kindly did some Reiki on me as well as I was feeling rather flat & when I left Rita’s healing space, I felt like I could run a marathon. Since then, I have completed her Chakra / Crystal Therapy Courses, Reiki 1, 2, Advanced Reiki Training through to my Reiki Master Teacher Courses and feel amazing. The results I'm getting thanks to Rita for teaching me has been wonderful. Thankyou Rita thank you to my other dear friend for introducing me to her. Come & see for yourself what a wonderful person Rita is & how great her courses are


I have completed my 2nd degree in Reiki with Rita and found her to be a very competent teacher, intuitive with an easy learning style. Recently I returned for a Reiki Massage. I left feeling centered and relaxed which what was required. Thankyou Rita


Being taken through processes like Inner Child Healing with Rita, released me from emotions, I never realised I was carrying with me, for soooo long! By doing this she lifted such a great weight from my shoulders, so much so I feel like I am walking on air. She gave me back energy that I thought, I was never going to get back. Relaxing me and guiding me through was like a wave over my body, and so calming, my body was very grateful for it. Thank you Rita for finding what was lost, and reinvigorating me in ways not even I could imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I was very blessed to have Rita support me through some vulnerable moments with love, compassion and encouragement.  Rita took me through a gentle process known as “Anchoring” and I chose to anchor a feeling of ‘Calm and Relaxed’.  It is amazing how this anchor now automatically makes me take a slow deep breath and allows me to re-centre myself.  Rita’s gentle, caring nature and soothing voice made this process all the more enjoyable.  I highly recommend this beautiful person and am extremely grateful that we have crossed paths.


I was so fortunate to finally meet Rita in person and have her take me through a “Forgiveness process” It was so powerful and helpful in moving forward with something I was stuck with.  Rita is firm yet gentle, holding such beautiful space to process whatever came up! Love this woman!


I recently had the pleasure of working with Rita as she took me through a process called Timeline Reset. Rita lovingly held space for me to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Rita is such a beautiful soul and I cannot recommend her enough. I am so grateful to Rita for her love and compassion

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