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Create your very own Vision board as you move from a Poverty Mindset to a Prosperity Mindset.

What is a Vision Board? 
It is a visual tool, a visual representation for you to get a clear on your goals. This will assist with getting you motivated, shift your mindset, feel happy and excited as you manifest your real desires.


A Vision Board created with Reiki energy and the energy / science of Feng Shui can make it extra powerful and enhance your desires / goals/ dreams etc and bring them into your existence along with more balance and harmony. Based on the Law of Attraction, you are simply saying *Yes* to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t want you to try harder. It wants you to trust it more.

What do you get?
*Step by step how to create your vision board.
*How our Earth Star Archangel Sandalphon & Soul Star Archangel Metatron can assist with your manifestation.
*Understanding why at times it may not work at first? And how to shift and raise your inner vibration to remove the resistance that block your blessings.
*How to use Reiki & Reiki symbols to power up your board. 
*How to apply Feng shui to optimise your results. 
*Learn how to use colours to anchor your energies.
*Colour magic with candles.
*Understanding the 9 areas (sectors) of Feng Shui.
*Understanding the 5 Elements.
*How to work out your personal Feng Shui lucky number.
*Lots of tips to help you along the way.
*A photo of my complete Vision Board.

Vision Board with a Difference Workshop

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  • This workshop is a digital PDF document format. You will receive an email with link to download  after purchase

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