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Learn with Rita in person or online, with her range of workshops and practitioner trainings


Reiki 1 

Level One Reiki Practitioner Training

Self Healing Course


Reiki 2

Level Two Practitioner Training

Healing Others


Reiki Masters

Masters Level Reiki Practitioner Training

Teacher course

Also now offering Reiki 1 for kids!

Empowering the next Generation with Kids Reiki 1 Workshop 

Learn Online


Advanced Reiki Training

Take your Reiki skills to the next level in this online course


Ear Candling Workshop

Learn about the ancient therapeutic art of ear candling in this online course


Vision Board Workshop

Vision board with a difference, incorporating Feng Shui & Reiki


Chakra & Spiritual Health Workshop

Work with the assistance of Archangels, Flowers, Crystals, Essential Oils & Herbs

IMG_0177 (1).JPG

Crystal Grids for Beginners Workshop

Create crystal grids to create powerful transformation & manifestation

feng shui pic.JPG

Feng Shui Workshop

Activate & Bless your home, office, personal items & environment with Feng Shui for beginners

Ear Candling

Ear Candling Workshop




Have you ever wanted to know and learn about the Ancient Therapeutic Art of Ear Candling?
For easy to understand and follow on how to?


Then here it is!

*Learn the history of Ear Candling
* Did you know that ear Candling also works on a spiritual level by clearing energy blocks from your upper Chakras?

What you get
*What is ear Candling- brief history
*What is it used for ?
*How Ear Candling works.
*Benefits of Ear Candling
*Contraindications - Vital info
*Ingredients in ear candles
*Aftercare advice
*Step by step technique on how to and what you’ll need .
*a general understanding of results
Tip - eBay sell Ear Candles which are beautiful and infused with essential oils.
*Great for family and friends or a great addition to your Business


Chakras & Spiritual Health Workshop




If you have ever wanted to learn, connect and energetically work with Archangels, Then this beautifully written workshop is perfect for you. Whether you are starting your spiritual journey or furthering your knowledge & passion for yourself, family, friends & clients.


What do you get??


*Get to know our beautiful and powerful Archangels

*how to invoke them.

*Essential oils and their frequency / vibration.

*5 different ways essential oils can assist with our health and wellbeing.

*Understanding when you are vibrating low or high and how to Vibrate higher to assist you to bring about the life you desire.

*Grounding, understanding and how to.

*learn about the 4 main Clairs ( Clairaudient, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentient )

*Foods recommended to avoid that may weaken your psychic ability / intuition (Clairs)

*Foods that strengthen each Clair.

*Flowers / plants and their energetic properties for  Archangels and the Chakras they are associated with. 

*The powerful use of Herbs and spices. (no this is NOT witchery)

*Incense / Smudge sticks.

*Financial Abundance tips, blends with oils and crystals.

*Loads of Essential Oil blend recipes to energetically connect with each Archangel.

*Bath recipes and Diffuser recipes.


Vision Board with a Difference




Create your very own Vision board as you move from a Poverty Mindset to a Prosperity Mindset.

What is a Vision Board? 
It is a visual tool, a visual representation for you to get a clear on your goals. This will assist with getting you motivated, shift your mindset, feel happy and excited as you manifest your real desires. A Vision Board created with Reiki energy and the energy / science of Feng Shui can
make it extra powerful and enhance your desires / goals/ dreams etc and bring them into your existence along with more balance and harmony. Based on the Law of Attraction, you are simply saying *Yes* to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t want you to try harder. It wants you to trust it more.

What do you get?
*Step by step how to create your vision board.
*How our Earth Star Archangel Sandalphon & Soul Star Archangel Metatron can assist with your manifestation.
*Understanding why at times it may not work at first? And how to shift and raise your inner vibration to remove the resistance that block your blessings.
*How to use Reiki & Reiki symbols to power up your board. 
*How to apply Feng shui to optimise your results. 
*Learn how to use colours to anchor your energies.
*Colour magic with candles.
*Understanding the 9 areas (sectors) of Feng Shui.
*Understanding the 5 Elements.
*How to work out your personal Feng Shui lucky number.
*Lots of tips to help you along the way.
*A photo of my complete Vision Board.

Advanced Reiki

Advanced Reiki Training Workshop




What is Advanced Reiki?

Reiki training is simply advanced learning after your Reiki 2, these beautifully added advanced techniques which will add to your already healing abilities and practice, will assist a deeper healing for your client and yourself. This has the added benefit to enhance and improving the Reiki experience for both the client and practitioner for more profound results.

What do you get?
*A much deeper understanding of our 3 sacred symbols and how best to balance them. 
*The Thre
e Pillars of Reiki
*Advanced healing techniques for yourself and your clients using our 3 Symbols.
*Reiki & Pregnancy revisited 
*A deeper understanding of the Auric field and scanning.
*St. Germain and the Violet Flame.
*Cutting cords with Archangels & St. Germain 
*Animal Reiki,
*Advanced pendulum work, 
*Akashic records
*Past life readings
*A deeper understanding of our Reiki Principles and how to correct and balance them and lots more......

Feng Shui

feng shui pic.JPG



What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is an ancient art & science placement that has been around for over a thousand years to bring balance between people and their environment, basically helping you to create that balance and once you do, it can increase harmony, peace, serenity, prosperity, happiness, love, luck, improved sleep and Abundance / Wealth of all sorts into your life and more...


By shifting the energy in your home will in turn shift the circumstances of your personal and career life.


What you get

In this beginners, simple to understand & follow workshop with powerful Feng Shui tips / cures to apply and activate your home for many blessings. 


*I Ching coins

*Red envelopes


*Wall Art


*Salt cure 

*Flowers, plants & Bamboo stalks

*An Abundance ritual for you

*The power of Colours

*Feng Shui cures

*Colour photo of Feng Shui Map (Bagua)

*The magical colour Purple

*Money frog / toad

*Lucky or Beckoning Cat

*5 Elements

*Tips to bring in the New Year Dec 31st / Jan 1st & the Chinese New Year

*Do's & Don'ts for New Years Eve and New Years Day.


If you would like to continue and learn more on the 5 Elements and more, and how they work and best to apply them, then feel free to have a look at my "Vision-board with a difference workshop,

Feng Shui

Grow Your Vision

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Crystal Grids
For Beginners

IMG_0177 (1).JPG



Have you ever wanted to be able to create your own Crystal Grid but don’t know where to start?

Well allow me to make it simple and easy to follow.

What you’ll learn

*What are Crystal Grids?
*Step by step in creating your own
*Why at times it may not work at first & how to correct it.
*Tips to when Manifesting your desires
*Understanding Vibration and how to raise it
*Cleansing and looking after your crystals
*Your must have crystals and why
*How to program your crystals before you create your grid and how to deprogram your crystals afterwards
*How to activate your grid

What you’ll get

Full information & a colour photo of each grids I’ve created for you to help get you started & excited for what you can create yourself. What crystals you’ll need & more…..

A colour pic of a Feng Shui Map (Bagua) so you will know where best to place them in your home.

10 Crystal grids ideas

A BONUS Business Crystal Grid attract new clients.

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